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Dr. James Davis is a fellowship-trained, triple board-certified physician specializing in Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Internal Medicine. After years of studying the effects of restless sleep, Dr. Davis founded Twilight Clinic to promote high-quality sleep through affordable, at-home treatments. With a little help from Twilight Clinic, your next night of deep sleep will be just as good as the rest. Dr. James Davis founded our clinic to promote high-quality sleep through affordable treatments at home to make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Meet Dr. James Davis and learn what Twilight Clinic is all about! Get to know a little more about our mission and how online sleep medicine works.

We provide free consultations, at-home sleep disorder tests, treatment options, and therapy programs for people with various sleep disorders.

Our sleep disorder treatments cover the gamut from treatment options to therapy programs, and we do all this with one goal in mind: helping our clients get a full night of uninterrupted rest. We want people who are suffering from various sleep disorders to have access to quality care without worrying about finances; that’s why we offer online consultations and at-home sleep studies.

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Don’t let restless sleep drag you down. Take the first step to get a good night’s rest by completing our brief assessment and we’ll make sure your needs are met! The sleep assessment will determine your eligibility for an at-home sleep study. If you qualify, schedule a consultation with our board-certified sleep specialist Dr. James Davis. End restless sleep once and for all!

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The Benefits of an At-Home Sleep Apnea Test

Did you know that 70 million U.S. adults struggle with a sleep disorder? That’s more than 1 in 3 adults!  Many of them will spend their entire lives undiagnosed, simply because of the burden of taking time off of work, leaving family back at home overnight, waiting for insurance approvals, and, finally, attempting to recreate sleep in an uncomfortable and foreign environment is just too difficult. Given the technological advances of our time and the immense progress we’ve made in treating sleep disorders, these traditional (and stressful!) methods are no longer necessary. Addressing the root causes of the most common sleep disorders—like obstructive sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and others—can now be achieved entirely remotely! 


Twilight Clinic was founded as a convenient, affordable, and effective alternative to in-clinic sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment centers. You can schedule a virtual appointment, request a home sleep study, and receive results, all from the comfort of your own home. 


To get started and determine eligibility, take our brief sleep assessment. Let Dr. Davis help you achieve the restful, deep sleep you know you deserve!


I did the home sleep study and had results very quickly. It was easy, comfortable and accurate. I loved that I didn’t have to go to a sleep lab for this, and could be in the comfort of my own home.
Dr. Davis is wonderful…very professional and friendly, and extremely well versed regarding sleep apnea treatment options.
I highly recommend Twilight Clinic.


– Cyndy Churgin

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Our comprehensive and holistic approach to sleep disorder management has proven effective for diagnosing, treating, and improving sleep disorder symptoms. And our prices are almost always more affordable than going through insurance. Experience your sleep study test from the comfort of your bedroom, order your testing device, and speak to a board-certified sleep specialist about your treatment options or alternative therapies—all remotely. Let’s work together to help you get the sleep you need! Better sleep starts here.

How to Get StartedFree Consultation With HST