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is a sleep medicine clinic where patients can obtain evaluation and receive management of various sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea. You can schedule a virtual appointment, request a home sleep study, and receive results all in the comfort of your own home.

In-office appointments are now available in North Scottsdale and Gilbert!

Dr. James Davis

Dr. James Davis is a triple-board certified physician in internal, pulmonary, and sleep medicine. After training in some of the coldest places in the country, he is back home in Arizona, where he opened the Twilight Clinic to specialize in pulmonary and sleep medicine. Dr. Davis approaches breathing and sleep issues holistically and wants his patients to have a unique and satisfying experience. 

Dr. Davis practices enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. He does weight and cardiovascular training four to five times per week and loves the outdoors, including skiing and hiking. He is also an avid reader.

Dr. Davis bought his first house and has had to learn the art of interior design. Part of his decorating includes his obsession with plants, now that he has learned how to keep them alive. He is a musician— playing the piano, violin, and cello. Speaking of music, his all-time favorite is music from the 80s.

Dr. Elizabeth O'Connor

Elizabeth O’Connor has been a board-certified Family Medicine Physician since 2009, where she graduated from Scottsdale Healthcares Family Medicine Residency Program.  Since then, while practicing in an outpatient clinic setting, Dr O’Connor found herself gravitating toward Sleep Medicine as a focus due to her belief that sleep is a major driving force of good health.

She has been married for 21 years and is the proud mother to 2 amazing children.  She also has a 6 year old Lab mix and a 6 month old English Bulldog, who is teaching her that the phrase “stubborn as a bulldog” is a phrase for a reason!  She loves to play volleyball, kayak and scrapbook.

As a physician, she believes that a major stepping stone to providing excellent care is getting to know her patients and developing a relationship with them.  Only then can assessment, diagnosis and proper treatment take place.  She looks forward to caring for you!